natural history
& fine arts
Giano Del Bufalo's
Cabinets of curiosities, a truly Renaissance desire, that made collectibles a true, modern form of art. The main purpose was to own rare and natural objects.

Natural things, called NATURALIA, were basically precious stones, beautiful minerals, fossils, weird animals and creatures and anything that was exotic.
There were even handmade objects, called ARTIFICIALIA which divided between monsters earned by material reuse and other things made from artisanal techniques. All of these finds were real MIRABILIA, something that brought wonder.
This kind of imaginary seems old and far away from the actual reality, probably close to an antiques museum. In Roma instead, just in Via di San Teodoro 14, Giano Del Bufalo holds a collection of rare and bizarre objects and he deals also in buying and selling natural wonders, human and animal anatomy, taxidermy and etnic artifacts able to astonish anybody.

The passion for the antique world but also for art and history brought Giano around the world, hunting for treasures to sell or to add to the collection.
He joined his father Dario Del Bufalo and his professor Raniero Gnoli in different archeological expeditions in the oriental Egyptian desert, where he fell in love with the ancient arts.

Despite the different fields of study, Giano’s main interest is the historical period that goes from the XVI century till the XIX century, where mankind started to love science, scientific curiosities and collectibles. This interest brings Giano around the world, where he takes part to the most important exhibitions and fairs.